Friday, October 7, 2011


Two weekends ago I went back to Stuttgart for the beerfest for the 4th time in a year. It was epic, as usual. Plenty of photos and color commentary on Facebook if you're interested. We got back from the Fest on a Sunday afternoon and I started my job on Monday morning...needless to say, I was a little bit tired for my first day of work.

I started working two weeks ago but it already feels like it's been much longer than that....perhaps because I've already led 40ish ateliers. My job as a lectrice is pretty unique...I teach English conversation ateliers for a max of 6 students at a time (in theory). The students are all studying sciences, from medicine and geophysics to psychology and sports science. They have to take a competency test in English conversation, so my job is basically to get them to practice speaking English and to help them feel comfortable doing so. I LOVE my job so far. I meet lots of interesting students from all over the world, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and most of the kids are pretty good English speakers. The work schedule is a lot more taxing than I'm used to (16ish hours a week, omg), but I like feeling productive and the time I spend at work is generally a lot of fun.

My colocs and I (plus Mark, our honorary 5th coloc) have started a project the boys named Resto Rue Chopin. Chris even made a blog or something like that. We each chose a night of the week to cook (Monday through Friday) and we're not allowed to repeat meals. That means we get to eat well every night and only have to shop/cook once a week--perfect! It's a lot of fun and now that I work til 7 some nights, it's nice to come home and have dinner on the table : )

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