Wednesday, August 24, 2011

J'arrive, la France.....eventually

So, it's been five months since my last blog post. I went to springfest in Stuttgart (another beer fest!) twice, then hung out in the Bavarian Alps for a few days. Then I said "a bientot" to Strasbourg. Iceland, then Boston, then I came home to Texas. Then my mom and stepdad decided it's about time to move to Colorado. Sounds great to me, so I spent my summer selling stuff and cleaning out stuff and packing to move. I also went to North Carolina for a week to reunite with some of my Strasbourg BFFs. Then about three weeks ago I moved with my mom to Denver, where my parents are renting an apartment while they sell the Dallas house and build the new house near Boulder.

....and while all of this has been going on, I have been waiting on my visa to go back to France. In my last post I mentioned that I was offered a job in Strasbourg. It sounds pretty perfect for me so I accepted it in March. Then I was told I would hear from HR in April. I didn't, so I emailed my boss in May. Finally, after bothering lots of different people lots of times, the day before I left Strasbourg, I went in to fill out the necessary paperwork. I made sure everything was set and figured out exactly what the process would be.

And then I waited.

June passed. No worries, French bureaucracy takes time. Received another lecteur job offer in Strasbourg and turned it down.

July passed. I emailed all of my contacts at the university, and they said I should hear from the consulate soon, telling me to come apply for my visa. NOPE. nothing.

August came. Originally I was hoping to be back in France by my birthday (Aug 19) because our lease on our apartment started August 15th. After tons of calls and emails to the university and the OFII and the consulate, I determined that my paperwork is still somewhere at the University of Strasbourg. SERIOUSLY, FRANCE?!?!

But it's okay....I have decided to be French about this little snag in my life plan. SO j'attends (I wait). et j'attends. and hopefully pretty soon, I will be back in Strasbourg.