Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

I've been back in Strasbourg for a week or so and I couldn't be happier! As expected I am loving my colocation. We got a sweet deal for the English professor from the university and her family are spending a year in the US and wanted to keep their apartment in Stras, so they're renting it out to us. We are four total....three americans et un francais. We're having a lot of fun, speaking a lot of French, and eating a LOT of cheese.

I start work at the university on Monday. It sounds like my job is going to be awesome. I'll be working more than I did last year (20ish hours a week, quelle horreur!) but my job consists of leading English ateliers of 6 students each focused on conversation. We are encouraged to do debates, games, culture discussions, etc. Basically like being an assistant but with less supervision and university students....sounds perfect to me! Also my job seems kind of organized, which is shocking for a French uni.

In other news, I've started running. We live very close to a beautiful park, so it only makes sense. The best part of my runs are the end, when I go through the zoo. We'll see how this running thing progresses since right now I kind of hate it and it's going to be cold soon.

Anywayyyys so far this year is fairly different than last year, but it's great. It's nice to feel at home in Strasbourg. I'm meeting lots of new and interesting people and loving being around my close friends again. My French is WAY better than it was when I first arrived in France last year (exactly one year today!). I miss my family and my dog sometimes, but life in Strasbourg is just as good as I remember. I'm excited to meet the new assistants, and I'm even more excited because we're going to BEERFEST in Stuttgart this weekend!!!!!